My First Blog Post!


Hey, I’m Claire! It appears that you have made it to my very first blog post. I am very excited to have just started a fashion and lifestyle oriented blog, and can’t wait to share my sense of style with all of my readers, and excite others to explore and find their own unique style. There were many reasons I decided to start this blog: 1) Iv’e always wanted to have a blog, specifically a fashion blog, 2) I’ve been following many different fashion bloggers for the past few years, and I’ve always looked forward to reading new posts, and thought i would be cool to share my own ideas the same way other bloggers do, and finally 3) I have a passion for fashion and wanted to use my passion to create something that could inspire others.

Although I’ve wanted to do this for a while I’m not going to lie I’ve been hesitant. A blog always seemed like such a huge jump from just dressing “cute” everyday; strangely enough even that took a bit of courage for me. This is how I see it. When everyone’s younger everyone relies on their parents to dress them and no one really cares about what they look like as a child, or what others think how they are dressed. Then comes the phase when people start to care. For me this hit in about 7th grade. I started to care about how I was dressed and what clothes I was wearing, but this phase is more about caring about what other people think. I didn’t embrace my own style, I just made sure I was wearing what other people were wearing. Finally about half way through high school I began to dress how I wanted to dress, and accepted that not everyone looks or dresses the same and that’s whats so cool. This is when I really got interested in fashion, at the time I would even try to design my own clothing. By creating this blog I just moved past that phase, the one that is the final step in most people’s fashion journeys. Now, like most people my age, I’m 100% used to dressing how I like and having everyone I’m around seeing what I’m wearing… I’m very comfortable with this. By creating this blog there suddenly is the possibility that anyone could see how I choose to dress or my unique style, which is a bit frightening but also very exciting. I’m excited to see how my style changes and grows, and so intrigued by the idea that now I could influence and change someone else’s “fashion journey” as corny as that sounds.

I decided to name my blog “Not the Girl Next Door” because one of my purposes of this blog is to express my own individual style, an explore my unique sense of fashion. What I post may not be whats “expected” or “conventional” or it may be, but either way its 100% different from any other person and how they dress. Basically, my style does not fit the typical “girl next door” look.

Anyways I hope after reading all of that you got an idea of what my blog is going to be about. I’m planning on posting once a week, so make sure to come back and read my post next week!

xoxo not the girl next door

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