Stop Caring and Live Life How You Want


I’m sure everyone reading this has at least at one point in there lives had that sudden feeling of inspiration that hits right about when you should be getting ready for bed. I’m mentioning this because thats exactly how I feel right now. I created this blog in an attempt to do something that scared me, and to give myself a chance to be creative outside the realms of school and all of the fun stuff that comes along with that. Well here I am many months later finally typing the words to my second blog post and all I’m wondering is what took me so damn long?

This brings me to my main point of this post. I do not want to speak for anyone else, but I think many of us live through each day knowing what are goals and dreams are,  and of course this is not a bad thing at all. What is a problem though, and has become very evident to me to be something I do daily, is the fact that many of us know our goals, dreams, and greatest desires and live through each day pushing them off until tomorrow. Why? Why do we have a tendency to wait around going through living life in a  way  that is not  going to get us to where we want to be?

Of course with my luck I always start thinking about these things late at night. So here I am at about 12:00 trying to figure out an answer to this looming question. I just want to have a greater understanding of why I am always so hesitant to do thing I know will make me happy, or help me to reach my goals. Then it dawned on me. It’s obvious. I just care far too much about what other people think. Not only that but I’m incredibly scared of taking risks, and when I say this I don’t mean taking big risks like quitting your job or moving away from home; I’m just scared of all risks. Like posting on a blog I made months ago when I was full of inspiration.

Just now, while sitting on my bed, I’ve come to the realization that it truly does not matter what anyone thinks of you. What truly matters is that everything you’re doing , and putting energy into is making you happy. No one should live life going around trying to please other people, because trust me I’ve tried that and it’s an impossible task. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t  respect the opinions of close friends and family, but more so consider others opinions and ideas, and use them to help you grow, but don’t let them shape you. So today marks the day I stop caring so much about what other people think and start doing what I want, and start taking risks that could potentially help me to live the life I have always dreamed of. Of course I don’t think this will be easy but I truly believe it’s something I need to focus on a whole lot more, and chances are if you are reading this you might need to focus on this more too. I want to end this post by challenging you to stop caring about what other people think of you with me. If you have a goal, or a dream, or an image in your head of a life you wish you were living do something now that will get you there. Don’t let yourself be scared of what people may think because you only get one life and you deserve more than to spend your time worrying about how things may turn out instead of building a life the makes you excited to wake up every morning.

xoxo not the girl next door



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