My Must Have Can’t Live Without Beauty Products


Today I wanted to take some time to talk about my all time favorite beauty products. I reserve the “all time favorite can’t live without” category for products I have been using for years and still find myself repurchasing and reaching for everyday. I have been into makeup and beauty for a long time now so I have tried hundreds (if not thousands) of different products and am constantly in search of a new holy grail favorite.

Here are the three things that I truly cannot live without, and think everyone must try! I have linked each product, so just click on each one if you want to check it out!

  1. Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

The one thing I do everyday no matter if I’m wearing any makeup or not is curl my eyelashes. Out of everything I mention in this list the tweezerman eyelash curler is by far my most loved.  I have pretty long eyelashes, but without the help of an eyelash curler they just are completely straight. I’ve noticed that curling my lashes makes a big difference in how my lashes look. Without curled lashes my lashes can look sparse, but when I curl them I feel like I have eyelash extensions. I’ve tried many different eyelash curlers searching for one that curls my lashes well, and keeps my lashes curled all day and the tweezerman eyelash curler is the only one I have found that does exactly this.Eyelash Curler.jpeg

2. Anastasia Brow Wiz

I cannot say enough good things about Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz. This product makes it ridiculously easy to fill in your eyebrows no matter how well-versed in makeup you are. This was the first brow product I ever tried, and since I haven’t found any other product that even comes close to this one. What I love most is that the product has a really small tip so it makes it easy to fill in the end of your brow without it looking to thick. This product also is really easy to use because instead of having to sharpen it like a pencil all you have to do is wind it up for more product.

Brow Wiz.jpg


3. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Water is by far my favorite thing to use when taking of my makeup. I love it because it’s so gentle on your skin, but it still takes off all your makeup. I often wear waterproof mascara so it’s essential that my makeup remover can completely remove waterproof mascara. This micellar water completely takes of waterproof mascara in just a few seconds, which I love! I have also found that makeup removers I have used in the past have broken me out and irritated my skin, and this one does not do that.

Garnier Micellar Water


I hope you found this post helpful, and try out some of these awesome products! If you haven’t already definitely check out my last blog post on the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes! (Click here)

xoxo not the girl next door

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