How To See Results in the Gym

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Recently I began to start going to the gym a bit more seriously, and have been sticking to a bit more of a schedule than I have in the past. I have always have enjoyed working out and have kept up with it so far throughout college, but in the past few weeks I have made a few changes to my workout routine and have been trying to introduce a couple of new habits into my everyday life. Why, you may ask? Well, the number one reason I have always continued working out regularly is for my health, but recently I’ve been hoping to make a few small changes to my body. I’ve been trying to gain a little bit of muscle and tone up a bit, and even though it’s only been a few weeks I can see some small changes in my appearance. In an effort to achieve my goals I’ve made a few small lifestyle changes that I thought I would share! These are my top tips for how to see results in the gym, because I know how frustrating it can be when you seem to be working out so hard but nothing is changing. If that’s the case for you, you should try some of the tips I suggest below because they really have worked for me!

  1. Go in with a plan

This is my number one tip for a reason. If you’re not going into the gym with a plan its really easy to either loose motivation, and leave before you really got the chance to get a good workout in, or loose track of your workouts. Either one can lead to you not seeing any progress. Making, and physically writing down a plan before I go to the gym helps me stay on track and prevents me from quitting early. Writing something down, at least for me, makes it feel official and helps guarantee I’ll follow through with whatever I need to be doing. Also, if you’re writing down your workouts every time you’re going to the gym you’re able to easily track your workouts and make sure you are actually making progress. This way week to week you can make your workouts a bit harder. For me this means running a bit faster on the treadmill or using a bit heavier weight when doing exercises. It’s nice to be able to see progress on paper and it’ll help keep you motivated and excited to workout!

2. Workout for the right reasons

Regardless of what your goal is it’s always important to make sure you are working out for the right reasons. Even if you really want to have better abs, or are trying to get in shape before swimsuit season your main focus should never be on your appearance. I’ve learned that if you focus on trying to be stronger and healthier your going to see changes in your body no matter what.  A lot of times you’re even going to see changes faster when you are more focused and establishing healthy habits then on getting a perfectly flat stomach. Creating a healthier lifestyle is something that is possible for you to live by everyday and in time will result in bigger changes. Following some crazy diet or overworking your body hoping to see changes faster will only make you crash and burn before you even get a chance to see any real results.

3. Mix it up

Something else that I’ve learned is very important when working out is to mix up your workouts. Not only does this make exercising more fun, but it also is good to for your body to workout in different ways. If you love cardio maybe try doing some weighted exercises, if you always lift weights maybe try signing up for a class at your gym or going for a run!

4. Take rest days

This tip is something I definitely avoided at one point in my life. It’s important to rest in between workouts so your body has time to recover. If you don’t take time to rest chances are you won’t see much progress because your body is going to be exhausted. Whether you’re trying to loose weight, or build muscle you need rest days. Overworking your body is never going to help you to see any positive changes any faster. This way you’ll be able to be consistent with your workouts and be energized every time you go into the gym.

5. Go in energized (you are what you eat)

My final tip to see progress in the gym is to go in energized. There are many ways to make sure you are going into the gym energized. First, find out what time you have the most energy and are excited to workout. For me this is in the morning before I start my day, but whatever time you prefer try to make time in your schedule to go then. Second, make sure you are eating before you workout. Not too close to when your going to be exercising, but in between 30 minutes to an hour before your workout have a small snack. Sometimes when I’m really not feeling it I’ll have a small coffee before which really helps me. Make sure to make smart decisions with what you are eating. If you are eating junk before you workout chances are you’re not gonna feel so hot when your trying run or do your favorite ab workout. Stick to healthy snacks like bananas, greek yogurt, or a healthy protein bar.

I really hope you enjoyed these tips because they have definitely been helping me over the past few months! Make sure to check out my last blog post on my favorite Spring/Summer shoes! (Click Here)

xoxo not the girl next door





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