Fashion Essentials for Fall 2018

I need to start this blog post off by saying that fall is definitely my favorite season for fashion. Im always incredibly excited to start shopping for sweaters and scarves the second it’s September, even if its not quite sweater weather. The past few weeks I have spent so much time online shopping trying to find the perfect classic and wearable pieces for this fall. I sometimes find myself clicking back and forth between hundreds of different online stores trying to decide what I love best and what is actually worth my money. If you are into fashion and online shopping you probably know what i’m talking about. That is why I’ve decided to share what I have been shopping recently for the fall months to save you sometime from scrolling endlessly through Nordstrom’s hundreds of pages of clothing items. All of these things I absolutely love and a lot of them are very affordable which I love!  Anyways on to the good stuff, check out the list below for my current fall essentials.

Cozy Leopard Scarf ($29.95)

The first hing I have been crazy about this fall is this super cozy leopard scarf from the Gap. I absolutely love that animal prints are trending this fall and was so excited to get my hands on this scarf. This would be so cute styled with a cozy sweater and a pair of faux leather leggings with boots.

product photo








Cheetah Print Mules ($18.99)

Speaking of animal print I adore these cheetah print mules. I actually currently only own these in the cognac leather style but plan on getting my hands on these very soon! They are super trendy and will add a little something interesting to any outfit.

product photo









Classic Bomber ($89.95)

I have been searching for the perfect army green bomber for forever now, and I finally think I found it. This bomber from the Gap is easily one of my fall essentials and can be paired in so many ways. I’m so excited I found this jacket because I know I’ll be getting so much use out of it. I also love how this bomber comes in a bunch off different colors, so if green isn’t for you be sure to check out the other colors

product photo










Leather Mules ($15.99)

These mules are the same style as the leopard print ones just in a cognac leather color. I own these an absolutely love them for the fall. So comfy and easy to throw on and practically go with everything. Thy have definitely become a staple in my closet.

product photo









The Cutest Shirt Dress Ever ($36.99)

I’ve got to say I’m pretty excited about this find. Its definitely a staple piece and so comfortable but also so affordable. I’m 5’4 and ended up ordering it in petite and it is the perfect length on me. This can be styled so many ways and looks super cute with a big comfy scarf.

product photo








Beige Chelsea Boots ($159.99)

Okay these boots are a bit on the pricier side, but they are absolutely stunning. This is my idea of the perfect fall bootie. They are super comfortable and versatile and definitely will last me many seasons. In my opinion these chelsea boots are 100% worth the investment especially if you are on the market for a new pair of fall boots.

Faye Chelsea Bootie,
                        color, TIDELINE SUEDE









Madewell Gathered Sleeve Top

Wow, I am so excited about this top. It just screams fall with it’s burnt orange color. Not to mention I am completely obsessed with the oversized balloon sleeves on this top. I recently ordered this online and what I got exceeded my expectations. This top is so soft and comfy. Right now it is currently on sale so if you’re as obsessed with it as me get it now while it is a bit cheaper!

Sandwashed Gathered-Sleeve Top in rusty torch image 2









Leith Turtleneck Sweater ($69.00)

What would this list be if I didn’t have at least one sweater. I recently just went shopping at Nordstrom looking for some sweaters and came across this turtleneck. I love everything about it. The color is beautiful and I love how the turtleneck isn’t to overwhelming. Sometimes when I’m wearing turtlenecks I feel like they sit weird, or that they make it look like I’m drowning. The turtleneck on this sweater is perfect and overall the sweater is very flattering.

Transfer Stitch Turtleneck Sweater,
                        color, BROWN SPICE










So that wraps up my current fall essentials! I hope you found this post helpful and loved these pieces as much as I do. Fall is my favorite season for fashion so I will definitely be posting some outfit ideas in the near future!

xoxo not the girl next door

How To See Results in the Gym

Recently I began to start going to the gym a bit more seriously, and have been sticking to a bit more of a schedule than I have in the past. I have always have enjoyed working out and have kept up with it so far throughout college, but in the past few weeks I have made a few changes to my workout routine and have been trying to introduce a couple of new habits into my everyday life. Why, you may ask? Well, the number one reason I have always continued working out regularly is for my health, but recently I’ve been hoping to make a few small changes to my body. I’ve been trying to gain a little bit of muscle and tone up a bit, and even though it’s only been a few weeks I can see some small changes in my appearance. In an effort to achieve my goals I’ve made a few small lifestyle changes that I thought I would share! These are my top tips for how to see results in the gym, because I know how frustrating it can be when you seem to be working out so hard but nothing is changing. If that’s the case for you, you should try some of the tips I suggest below because they really have worked for me!

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My Favorite Shoes for Spring

It’s come to that time of year again where I always end up doing some spring shopping. I’m excited to put away my thick sweaters, which are beginning to be a bit too warm, and replace them with all my spring clothes.  This year I decided I needed to invest in a few new pairs of shoes because as I was exchanging my winter clothes for spring ones, I began to realize all the sandals and sneakers I have are beginning to get a little worn out. I love shoe shopping so I was definitely a bit excited to realize this.

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My Must Have Can’t Live Without Beauty Products

Today I wanted to take some time to talk about my all time favorite beauty products. I reserve the “all time favorite can’t live without” category for products I have been using for years and still find myself repurchasing and reaching for everyday. I have been into makeup and beauty for a long time now so I have tried hundreds (if not thousands) of different products and am constantly in search of a new holy grail favorite.

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How to Discover Your Style


I gotta say I am so excited to be finally writing my first fashion related post. Most of you reading this probably don’t know me too well considering I only have posted a few times since starting this blog so I feel like I need to let you know a more little about me. I am obsessed with fashion. Trends, styling outfits, all of it.  Even though I have always had a passion for fashion (haha that rhymes) I haven’t always been in touch with my own personal style.

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My Advice for New Vegans

I have been vegan for roughly 4 years. I have struggled staying vegan at points in my life for sure, and was on and off throughout my whole first year of college. Being vegan can be tricky especially when you are thrown into a different environment (for me college) where you are unfamiliar with what is available to you food wise. Thats the thing about veganism, in order to be successful you have to be aware of all that is available to you, and know what works for you.

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Stop Caring and Live Life How You Want

I’m sure everyone reading this has at least at one point in there lives had that sudden feeling of inspiration that hits right about when you should be getting ready for bed. I’m mentioning this because thats exactly how I feel right now. I created this blog in an attempt to do something that scared me, and to give myself a chance to be creative outside the realms of school and all of the fun stuff that comes along with that. Well here I am many months later finally typing the words to my second blog post and all I’m wondering is what took me so damn long?

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